Welcome to The Hollesley Pottery offering clay workshops and tuition.
Reserve a place in one of our small groups designed
for adults and children to enjoy working with handtools, kickwheels and traditional techniques.
Work with our creative, friendly tutors to throw a pot on the wheel, find out about slip, slurry and hand building in the cosy garden studio.

Join us for a whole day, half day or mini session, designed for you.
Prices range from £35pp. for a two and a half hour taster session.

Groups are small, three adults or four children and individual tuition is always available.

Celebration parties are available for £25 per person, minimum, 8



Phone: 07850 994707

Website: wilsondalywhittlingandclay.wordpress.com

Special events, birthdays, weddings, fetes and fairs; Why not have your Hollesley Pottery clay stall complete with leg-powered throwing wheel at your event? Prices are from £120.





3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Brilliant idea to host wood workshops in woodland. How can I find out more?

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  2. Thanks for getting in touch. A great way to find out more is to complete the wilsondaly contact form. They’ll get back to you as quick as an autumn leaf falling in the wind.

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  3. Contact:



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