Whittling greenwood with beautiful hand tools.


Anyone can enjoy learning to whittle. The tools we use are beautiful, the environment peaceful, comfortable and conducive to enjoyment and learning.

Our tutors are experienced, patient and knowledgeable.

You will learn how to select greenwood, shape and cut it with hand-tools to make something you will enjoy using – a butter-knife, spatula, spoon or other object of your design.

We teach children who are seven years or older, but talk to us if your child is younger and you believe they may be ready to try this activity – We provide a safe environment with appropriate clothing, gloves and eye-protection.

Contact us at;

whittlingandclay@gmail.com or telephone 07812 110039

Prices start at £15 for a one hour session. A morning or afternoon, three hour session is £35 or a full day is discounted to £65.

If you’re interested in combining whittling and a little work with clay such as trying the kick wheel to throw a pot, book a taster session for £15.

We usually run these at weekends.

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